Jetter/Drain Cleaner

Our Jetter / Drain Cleaner machine is available in all areas of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and can clean drains and pipes from 90mm to 1800mm in diameter. It can cut through roots of trees which maybe blocking drains as it has a root cutter attachment to it. It uses a jetter to jet and flush out any blockages in drains, often used in conjunction with a Vacuum Excavation truck to then suck out the debris, water, roots etc the jetter has loosened and dislodged from drains, pipes. We have a Jetter / Vacuum Truck combo price.

Why use a vacuum truck?
  • It is a non-destructive way to dig! With the use of standard excavation techniques and traditional heavy excavation machinery, the risk of breaking underground facilities is enormous and it can lead to considerable cost for repairs to be made.
  • By using vacuum excavation units they can minimize this cost greatly, because of its ability to dig around the surfaces with minimal to no damage.
  • It is environmentally friendlier way to extract dirt as it is clean and precise and holds all the excess material in the tank of the truck.
  • We can locate and identify exact locations and depth of services underground safely minimizing the risk of disruptions to services and minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Removal of waste materials on sites and safely dumped elsewhere.
  • The abilty to work in confined spaces and hard to reach and difficult locations.
  • Vacuum Excavations can also clean up Concrete Slurry while pouring concrete so as there is no environmental impact.
  • Clean up of service pits and Silo’s, Storm water, electrical and communication pits
  • Tyzac Vacuum Excavations can NDD (Non Destructive Dig) which can be used to install Sign Posts, Poles,Fence Posts, Bollards, Street Lights, Power Poles and Service Pits etc, especially when there are underlying services beneath the ground.
  • We provide services to all Civil, Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Private Sectors
  • We also provide services for Plumbers, Builders, Electricians, Civil Constructions, Councils, Schools, Sign Installers, Shade Sails, Property Maintenance and Body Corps, Landscapers, Road Management, Communication Contractors, to mention a few.