Push Rod Camera-CCTV

Our Push Rod Camera - CCTV device can be used to check Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area drains for blockages/ cracks or defects. We push the camera into the pipe/ drain which can then be used to detect the location of the blockage, crack or defect within the pipe or drain itself. Customers will receive a detailed report of location and condition of pipes and drains. This service is available to all areas of the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and includes the inspection of sewer systems.

Why use a vacuum truck?
  • It is a non-destructive way to dig! With the use of standard excavation techniques and traditional heavy excavation machinery, the risk of breaking underground facilities is enormous and it can lead to considerable cost for repairs to be made.
  • By using vacuum excavation units they can minimize this cost greatly, because of its ability to dig around the surfaces with minimal to no damage.
  • It is environmentally friendlier way to extract dirt as it is clean and precise and holds all the excess material in the tank of the truck.
  • We can locate and identify exact locations and depth of services underground safely minimizing the risk of disruptions to services and minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Removal of waste materials on sites and safely dumped elsewhere.
  • The abilty to work in confined spaces and hard to reach and difficult locations.