Hydro Excavations Sunshine Coast

We have a fleet of vacuum excavation trucks or sometimes known as "Sucker Trucks" from 3000 litres to 7000 litres.

Using vacuum excavation to locate utilities, the underground utilities are safely exposed without damage to the protective coatings of many pipes and cables.

A vacuum truck operating on the Sunshine Coast

Our trucks also come with Jet Rodding which is a preferred method in the ability to safely unblock pipes.

  • Potholing (to locate services)
  • Strip Trenching (to see if there are services where digging)
  • Trenching under pathways and driveways
  • Digging (trenching, postholes, powerpoles, pits, footings, etc)
  • Roping Conduit (sucking rope through conduit)
  • Cleanouts (footings, trenches, pits)
  • Jetting (to clean or unblock pipes)
  • Cleanups (sucking concrete cutting slurry or other liquid wastes)
  • Clearing out filled pits and trenches


All our trucks and machines come with experienced drivers and fully insured. We strive to offer the quality in service and the commitment to professionalism you as a client deserves. Our friendly staff will assist you in any enquiries.


Potholing is becoming more prevalent in many areas of work for locating and exposing cables and pipes the ever increasing demand from industries such as councils, Government agencies, utility providers such as Telstra and Energex, engineering and construction companies, civil works, major road constructions, plumbing and electrical works, cable and optic fibre networks, telecommunications networks, petroleum and gas companies - any industry needing  maintenance and repairs to existing infrastructure. We are professional service locators and will be able to assist with virtually any type of locating.


The vacuum excavator can exercise precision trenching and digging using its high-powered hose to cleanly cut through and loosen the earth. It can reach some inaccessible areas because of its long hose which other heavy equipment can’t. Using this technique it can search for hidden underground services where their location is unknown, it eliminates costly downtime form repairs being made form damage usually caused by traditional earth moving heavy machinery. If you're looking for an effecient digger for trenches of any sort, we'll be able to assist. Contact us for for more information.

Excavation & Digging Cleanups

We can provide digger services to Fencing companies and Utility companies like Energex and Telstra  to quickly dig  out precise and clean holes for fence posts and poles, clear sludge and materials from filled pits from flooding or rain, clear potholes and puddles from jobsites for safety requirements. Clear up Slurry or mud from job sites which have leached onto other surfurces like roads. 

Roping Conduit

This is a means of threading rope through pipes, the suction pulls the rope through the pipe then you have a means to insert cabling through the pipe.


The high pressure jet on the hose cleans out blocked pipes and drains, the vacuum pipe then keeps the soil from entering the storm water and is taken away to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way at a purpose built disposal area.


Cleaning up of pretty much any material from pits , drains, Silo’s , anything our hose can reach! Currently We can reach up to 75metres from the Truck


Under pathways, driveways, trees, walls any existing structure!


Landscapers are fast realising the importance of using this form of tree removal and transplant - it is a safer environmentally friendlier way of removing and transplanting mature trees, we can expose tree roots and root systems.

Understand the project task

Before you can start to think about hiring a vacuum truck, you need to consider exactly what you
need it for. For example, if you have a lot of mud in the area you are removing, then you may need a
different machine to someone clearing out a dry area. While some trucks can clear out both, there
are also a number of specialist machines which only do one or the other.

Look at your budget

If you need to hire a vacuum truck for your project, but are worried about it going over budget, then
you may need help from Tyzac Vacuum Excavation. We can help you to get a good price on your
truck hire, based upon the functions you need and the size of the machine you will be renting.

Look at the types of machine available

Most truck hire companies will have more than one single unit which can be used, so you need to
find the one which is right for you. For example, you may want a debris truck of particular
dimensions, or you might want to know more about the water capacity of the truck.

Why use a vacuum truck?
  • It is a non-destructive way to dig! With the use of standard excavation techniques and traditional heavy excavation machinery, the risk of breaking underground facilities is enormous and it can lead to considerable cost for repairs to be made.
  • By using vacuum excavation units they can minimize this cost greatly, because of its ability to dig around the surfaces with minimal to no damage.
  • It is environmentally friendlier way to extract dirt as it is clean and precise and holds all the excess material in the tank of the truck.
  • We can locate and identify exact locations and depth of services underground safely minimizing the risk of disruptions to services and minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Removal of waste materials on sites and safely dumped elsewhere.
  • The abilty to work in confined spaces and hard to reach and difficult locations.
  • Vacuum Excavations can also clean up Concrete Slurry while pouring concrete so as there is no environmental impact.
  • Clean up of service pits and Silo’s, Storm water, electrical and communication pits
  • Tyzac Vacuum Excavations can NDD (Non Destructive Dig) which can be used to install Sign Posts, Poles,Fence Posts, Bollards, Street Lights, Power Poles and Service Pits etc, especially when there are underlying services beneath the ground.
  • We provide services to all Civil, Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Private Sectors
  • We also provide services for Plumbers, Builders, Electricians, Civil Constructions, Councils, Schools, Sign Installers, Shade Sails, Property Maintenance and Body Corps, Landscapers, Road Management, Communication Contractors, to mention a few.

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