Utility Service Locating – Find Cables Before You Dig

Before you undertake any project, whether it be a home renovation or a large civil project, it is essential to establish if you have any underground cables BEFORE you dig. Our utility service locating takes the risk out of digging and helps homeowners, construction companies and government corporations avoid costly repairs to any underground cables. Our locating services also eliminate the often fatal, dangers of digging into power and utility cables.

Why is Utility Service Locating Important?

Although your designated area for excavation may appear free from hazards above ground, how do you know what is lurking underneath? Nearly all properties have underground utility services and it is important to have your excavation site assessed before you commence work to avoid any dangerous accidents or expensive mistakes.

Underground utility services can include phone, NBN and data cables, storm water pipes, electrical cables, gas pipes, sewer drains and water pipes. But before you start excavation, you need to know where your utility service cables are and how deep they are underground. 

A utility location service provider such as Tyzac will assess any potential risks excavating can cause, before you even commence your project.

The Risks of Not Using Utility Service Locating

The hazards of blindly commencing any kind of excavation work before the underground areas have been assessed are costly and often, fatal.

  • Contractors who inadvertently dug through and damaged Telstra cabling have faced hefty repair costs. 
  • A homeowner was electrocuted when he accidentally struck an underground electric cable while digging a post hole in his own backyard. 
  • The budget for a home renovation project was blown when the owner struck a sewage pipe and was subsequently left with a large mess and a hefty clean-up bill for his front yard.

Locate Before You Dig

When doing any backyard digging or excavations, you need to be aware of the clearances and minimum depths for all underground pipes, utility, and electrical cables. Some underground cables are as shallow as 500 mm underground so can easily be damaged if digging commences without taking the proper precautions and identifying the exact location of all utility cables. 

 How Does Utility Service Locating Work?

Utility Service Locating uses the latest electromagnetic line locating technology to assist in locating cables for excavation work, site planning, as well as assisting homeowners with digging safely on their property. It is extremely important to locate cables prior to excavation as it helps avoid the potential danger of digging into cables; particularly power cables, that if exposed can cause electrocution and sometimes death. Our utility locating also prevents damaging underground cables during excavations and therefore, saves our clients from costly repairs.


The Digging Process

Once you have safely located all utility cables it is safe to commence construction. Tyzac’s Hydro Vacuum Excavation is a safe and non-destructive way of digging as the high-pressure water breaks up and cuts the soil, while a high-flow vacuum system removes the soil up and out of the excavation area. Hydro Vacuum Excavation offers maximal safety and protection to your critical assets. Unlike traditional mechanical excavation using bobcats, backhoes or bulldozers, Hydro Vacuum Excavation minimizes the chances of damaging or disrupting essential underground services.

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