Tyzac Vacuum Excavations

Vacuum excavation - also known as Hydro Excavation or Sucker Trucks - are now fast becoming the preferred method for safe excavation works, especially when there are services hidden underground. They are quite often used to safely dig around cables and pipes to expose the existing services and sighting their exact location. This then eliminates damage which may have ordinarily have occurred by using other machinery to dig. Vacuum excavation trucks use an extremely high pressure hose to cut into the ground causing the earth to fall apart while the 100mm pipe sucks up the material matter at the same time. It can clean around the services giving a clear line of sight for bigger machinery to then come in and do their work without touching the services found. It reduces any disruptions to the services worked on and saves costly time and repair from services being damaged by bigger machinery. Vacuum excavation can be used for:

Roping conduit | Jetting | Cleanouts | Tunneling | Potholing | Trenching | Service Locating | Digging | Clean-ups


The vacuum excavator can exercise precision trenching and digging using its high-powered hose to cleanly cut through and loosen the earth.

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Service Locating

Potholing is becoming more prevalent in many areas of work for locating and exposing cables and pipes from a wide range of industries.

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Vacuum Clean-up

Our sucker trucks are ideal to clear up slurry, mud or water from job sites which have leached onto other surfaces like roads. 

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